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The Best Pure Veg. Handmade Cookies & Cakes

We present you something different that will win your heart. Specially baked goodies that promise healthier, tastier alternative for you.

From a humble beginnings, big ideas and a whole lot of good vibes. to create a brand that was not only an extension of love of baking but one that could also connect with people and leave them feeling warm and fuzzy.

SFB Cookies

Gifting is an important on every occasion. SFB Cookies would like to present something different that will win the heart of customers, baked goodies that promise not just longer shelf life but a healthier, tastier alternative. SFB Cookies features a wide range of crispy, crunchy and mouth watering cookies in eye catching gift hamper since 20 years.

Our History

Since its beginning in the year 1995 now, SFB Cookies is known for its Quality and Taste all over. Having a team of professional bakers who give their best to maintain the taste and quality of our products.