Assorted Biscuits

Available Size : 900 gm. The taste of mix cookies for every generation with chocolate, jam and milk (Four flavours in this box)

Kaju Pista

Available Size : 900 gm., 500 gm. The taste of crunchiness with cashewnuts and pistachio

Dry Fruits Biscuits

Available Size : 800 gm., 500 gm. It presents the taste of royalness with lots of dry fruits

Butter Kaju

Available Size : 800 gm., 500 gm. Use of pure butter and cashewnuts

Besan Khatai

Available Size : 800 gm. The traditional taste of sweetness with the use of Besan

Gol kaju

Available Size : 900 gm. Round cookies with cashewnuts


Available Size : 1 kg. 500 gm. Customer choice packaging

Atta Biscuits

Available Size : 500 gm. Atta is a whole wheat product

Salty Delight

Available Size : 500 gm. Use of Ajwain with the taste of crunchiness

Cake Rusk

Available Size : 800 gm.
500 gm.
Specially made Egg Less Cake Rusks


Available Size : 800 gm. 500 gm. The Italian Biscotti with the butter and almonds

Your Pick

Available Size : 900 gm.
As per Customer’s Choice

Special Besan

Available Size : 700 gm.
Use of Besan with almond & pistachio

Chocolate Chips

Available Size : 700 gm.
The taste of royal chocolate &
chocolate chips

Special Kaju

Available Size : 700 gm.
Use of lots of cashew-nuts with crunchiness

Fruit Kaju

Available Size : 900 gm.
Perfect Combination of Fruit and Kaju


Available Size : 400 gm.
Oats Biscuits

Shahi Cakes

Available Size : 500 gm.

Delicious Shahi Cakes